Quick Start

Welcome to the Multi-User manual. You will find here all the documentation necessary for the good use of the addon: Multi-user 0.5.0 Reference Manual

First of all, let’s have a quick look at the Multi-User features.

Username and color

When you launch the addon for the first time you can find this panel in the Sidebar of your View3D:

  1. Choose a name and a color that will be specific to you and that will allow others to identify you easily once in session. Don’t worry, they can be changed at any time in Edit ‣ Prerecences ‣ Add-ons ‣ Multi-user or in Multi-User Pannel ‣ General Settings.
  2. Press Continue

Multi-User side pannel

Once the Multi-User is launched you will arrive directly on the main menu:


Three panels are at your disposal:

  • Server list: You can add, delete and edit server presets according to your preferences. At first launch two servers will already be in your preferences: Public Session, the public server of the Multi-User Discord, Localhost, to connect locally to your server.
  • Hosting: To locally host a session with a Blender instance.
  • General Settings: Include advanced addon settings like user info, server ping, cache, etc.

Session management

The multi-user addon provides a session management system. In this guide, you will quickly learn how to use the collaborative session management system in three parts:

For more details on what the addon offers: