General Settings

This section contains optional settings to configure before a session.


General Settings pannel

User info


User Info settings

The User Info pannel is here to change your user name and use color.



Network settings

Timeout (in milliseconds) is the maximum ping authorized before auto-disconnecting. You should only increase it if you have a bad connection.



Cache settings

Multi-user allows you to replicate external dependencies such as images (textures, hdris, etc…), movies, and sounds. On each client, the files will be stored in the multi-user cache folder.

Cache directory choose where cached files (images, sound, movies) will be saved.

Clear memory filecache will save memory space at runtime by removing the file content from memory as soon as it has been written to the disk.

Clear cache will remove all files from the cache folder.


Clearing the cache could break your scene images/movies/sounds if they are used in a blend file! Try saving the blend file and choosing ‘Pack all into blend’ before clearing the cache.



Advanced log settings

log level allows you to set the level of detail captured in multi-user’s logging output. Here is a brief description on the level of detail for each value of the logging parameter:

Log level Description
ERROR Shows only critical errors
WARNING Shows only errors (of all kinds)
INFO Shows only status-related messages and errors
DEBUG Shows all possible information

Save session data


This is an experimental feature, it is still recommended to use regular .blend save.

The save session data allows you to create a backup of the session data.

When you hit the save session data button, the following popup dialog will appear. It allows you to choose the destination folder and if you want to run an auto-save.


Save session data dialog.

If you enabled the auto-save option, you can cancel it from the Cancel auto-save button.


Cancel session autosave.

To import session data backups, use the following Multiuser session snapshot import dialog


Import session data dialog.


It is not yet possible to start a session directly from a backup.