User Interface

General Pannels

To understand the UI of the addon’s pannels, see: Quick Start (+how to join/host/manage). In addition to presenting the UI, it explains how to use it.


Presence is the multi-user module responsible for displaying user presence. During the session, it draw users’ related information in your viewport such as:

  • Username
  • User point of view
  • User active mode
  • User selection

Presence overlay

Presence settings

The presence overlay panel allows you to enable/disable various drawn parts via the following flags:


Presence overlay settings

  • Presence Overlay: display presence overlay

  • Selected objects: display other users’ current selections

  • Users camera: display users’ current viewpoint

  • Users mode: display users’ current mode

  • Distance text visibility: display text of the overlay at this maximal distance

  • Users on different scenes: display users working on other scenes

  • Show session status: display the session status in the viewport

    • Vertical/Horizontal position: session position in the viewport
    • Text scale: session status text size